Welcome to the real estate tax page. You may view your tax bill, get your tax receipt or change your address at the Vilas County Website. Below you will find some important information regarding paying taxes.

Payment Options

The FULL payment OR the First Installment is due by January 31 each year. The postmark on your payment envelope determines the date payment is made. Make your check or money order payable to the Town of Washington Treasurer at 2145 Pinewood Dr, Eagle River, WI 54521. Make sure to indicate your PARCEL NUMBER AND TELEPHONE NUMBER on your check.

Taxes can also be paid electronically.  NOTE: The ability to pay by credit card or electronic check ends at midnight on January 31st.

Please note there is a convenience fee of 2.39% of the total tax bill for payment by credit or debit card. There is a fee of $1.50 for an electronic check under $10,000 and a $10.00 fee for payments over $10,000.

If you have any questions, contact Katie Hayes, Town Treasurer at 715-477-2745 or email Katie.

The Second Installment is due by July 31 each year.

Make your check or money order payable to Vilas County Treasurer and mail it to 330 Court Street, Eagle River, WI 54521. Vilas County accepts these Second Installment payments electronically here.

Pay In Person at mBank of Eagle River.

ONLY THE EXACT AMOUNT will be accepted at the Nicolet National Bank, 400 East Wall Street, Eagle River, WI 54521.


Each year we receive tax escrow checks that are in excess of the amount of tax due. The Town Policy regarding these payments is as follows: We will issue refund checks at our next regularly scheduled meeting. The Treasurer cannot endorse an escrow check and return it to a taxpayer. Escrow checks must be used for the payment of taxes only.


Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment. Requests for receipts without a self-addressed stamped envelope will not be honored.

Obtain a Receipt Online

You may visit the Vilas County Website here to get a tax payment amount or tax receipt. Tax payments are updated to the County Website weekly.

Personal Property Taxes

All Personal Property Tax payments must be paid with a check, cashier's check or money order made payable to the Town of Washington Treasurer at 2145 Pinewood Dr, Eagle River, WI 54521. All personal property tax payments must be paid in FULL by January 31 each year.

Room Tax

Pursuant to the Wisconsin Statutes Section 66.75, an Room Tax in the amount of 4.5% is hereby imposed on the Gross Receipts derived from the business of furnishing, at retail, room or lodging to any person residing for a continuous period of less than one (1) month in a hotel, motel, cottage, cabin, house, or any other furnished accommodations available to the public.

To download the Quarterly Room Tax Return and the instructions for completion, click here.

Send your completed form and your payment to Town of Washington, 2145 Pinewood Dr, Eagle River, WI 54521.

Contact Katie Hayes, Town Treasurer, at (715) 477-2745 or email her for questions.