A list of useful links is provided here. All links will open in a new window.

Vilas County: Click here.

To obtain Zoning Permits or to contact Vilas County offices or officials, follow the link to the official Vilas County website. It provides information about all departments and services offered to the public.

City of Eagle River: Click here.

Follow this link to access information about the City of Eagle River.

Eagle River Union Airport: Click here.

The Eagle River Airport is governed by a Commission of local officials. For more information, follow this link.

Eagle River Olson Memorial Library: Click here.

Learn more about the Eagle River Library, and how to obtain a library card.

Joint Municipal Fire Department:

To access information about the Joint Municipal Fire Department and the local participating governments, contact Fire Chief, Michael Anderson, at 715-479-8835, or email by clicking here.

Northland Pines School District: Click here.

To learn about the Northland Pines School District including student activities, upcoming events, and public building use, follow the above link.

Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission: Click here.

Follow this link to learn about the aquatic invasive species management plan on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes.

Wisconsin Elections Commission: Click here.

Contains publications, forms, and legal resources including information about how to file a complaint.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue: Click here.

Provides information about property and income taxes. The Department of Revenue forms, publications, and real estate transfer returns are available here.