Adopt A Road

The Town of Washington would like to reinstitute the Adopt-A-Road Program and is in need of someone to coordinate the program. If you'd like more information contact Carole here or call 715-479-6873. We'd greatly appreciate the help.

You can help keep the Town of Washington roads cleaner and safer by participating in the Adopt-A-Road Program. Simply pick a road or section of road, fill out an application, and gather a few friends or family members. Then two or three times a year, typically between April 1st and November 1st, walk your stretch of the road and clean up anything that mother nature didn't leave behind. Once the bags are full you can contact the Town Foreman at 715-891-4833 and he will pick them up and dispose of them, or simply take them to the Town's Transfer Station. It's as easy as that! Help keep our Town’s roads clean by filling out an application today.