Rental Property in the Town of Washington

Under state law, a "short-term rental" is defined as a residential dwelling that is offered for rent for a fee for fewer than 30 consecutive days. According to State Statute 66.1014 “Residential dwelling” means any building, structure, or part of the building or structure, that is used or intended to be used as a home, residence, or sleeping place by one person or by 2 or more persons maintaining a common household, to the exclusion of all others.

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If you would like to rent your home under Act 59, there are several steps that must be taken prior to your first rental.

  • It is recommended you verify permitted use with the Vilas County Zoning Department.
  • You must contact the Vilas County Health Department to schedule a home visit. Once approved by the Vilas County Health Department, you will receive a Tourist Rooming House License.
  • You must register with the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue to obtain a sellers permit number for remitting state and county sales tax (5.5%). IF you are using an Airbnb or VRBO management firm, they may collect and remit these taxes on your behalf and therefore you will not need a sellers permit number. It is your responsibility to determine whether this is the situation.
  • You must register with the Town of Washington and obtain a Short Term Rental License.
  • You are required to collect room tax in the amount of 4.5%. This Room Tax Return is remitted to the town Treasurer on a quarterly basis.