On December 4, 2017 the Town of Washington Board of Supervisors adopted a Code of Ordinances pursuant to section 66.0103, Wisconsin Statutes. All existing ordinances will be reviewed and either rescinded, amended, or readopted beginning with the most recent ordinances. Ordinances will be added to the Code of Ordinances as they are updated, and will be listed below.

Chapter 1: Code of Ordinances

Chapter 2: ATV Route Ordinance as Amended January 3, 2022

Chapter 3: Snowmobile Route Ordinance

Chapter 4: Snowmobile Access Ordinance

Chapter 5: Liquor License Ordinance as Amended March 4, 2019

Chapter 6: Animal Control Ordinance as Amended March 6, 2023

Chapter 7: Ordinance for Payment Procedure for Bills and Vouchers

Chapter 8: Payment Procedure Tax Refunds Ordinance

Chapter 9: Licensure of Tobacco Retailers Ordinance

Chapter 10: Ordinance to Adopt a Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Chapter 11: Ordinance to Prohibit Hunting with Firearms and/or Bows and Arrows or Discharging Firearms and/or Bows and Arrows on Certain Real Estate Owned by the Town of Washington as Amended July 10, 2023

Chapter 12: Ordinance to Convert the Elected Offices of Town Clerk and Town Treasurer to Appointed Offices as Amended January 3, 2022

Chapter 13: Ordinance Establishing Transfer Station Regulations and Procedures

Chapter 14: Ordinance Adopting Notice of Records Access

Chapter 15: Adult Entertainment Business Ordinance as Amended June 7, 2021

Chapter 16: Room Tax Ordinance Amended October 2, 2023

Chapter 17: Confidentially of Information Ordinance

Chapter 18: Sworn Testimony Ordinance

Chapter 19: Citation Ordinance

Chapter 20: Right of Way Ordinance

Chapter 21: Short Term Rental Licensing Ordinance Amended November 6, 2023

Chapter 22: Ordinance to Appoint the Town Clerk to the Board of Review