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The WDNR, Division of Forestry, is implementing some necessary steps to reduce the risk of wildfires from debris burning, our number 1 cause of forest fires. These changes are necessary to reduce staff exposure to COVID-19 to ensure the DNR is able to cover all needs for emergency response across the State.

EFFECTIVE FRIDAY, MARCH 27 All annual DNR burning permits, both electronic and written in-person, will not be issued and all burning is suspended until further notice.

All burning in barrels, debris piles on the ground or grass, or wooded acres is suspended.


The Transfer Station is OPEN during the Covid 19 "Safer at Home" order. Effective Friday March 27 the following changes to the Transfer Station will be implemented during the Covid 19 pandemic until further notice:

  • Only one vehicle at a time will be allowed in the drive-thru building

  • No one will be allowed to place their garbage or recyclables in the compactor unless they have entered the drive-thru building with their vehicle

  • You may not walk your garbage or recyclables in

We realize this will be an inconvenience but during these trying times we must put the safety and health of our citizens first.


NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Town of Washington Board of Supervisors is suspending all upcoming meetings until further notice. Click here for notice.

NOTICE: The Town of Washington will impose seasonal weight restrictions on all town roads beginning Monday March 16, 2020 at 9:00 am. Weight restrictions will be in effect until the spring thaw period is over. Weight limits are put in place to protect the integrity of our roadways. No heavy trucks will be allowed on town roads during the weight restriction period.

Winter Road Maintenance Policy click here.

The 2019 Town of Washington newsletter is available here.

The Town of Washington has experienced a significant increase in tonnage of waste along with reports of non-residents using the transfer station in 2019. In an effort to control this misuse, town issued permits must be shown to the attendant upon entrance to the facility. The side doors to the drive through area will be closed off. All waste must be deposited by using the drive-through area. Those without a permit will be turned away and not allowed to dump their trash. Closure of side doors will be reviewed and modified as needed.

REMINDER: Short term rentals are defined as a "residential dwelling that is offered for rent for a fee and for fewer than 29 consecutive days."

Short term rental property owners must register with the Town of Washington and obtain an Accomodations Tax Permit.

Most short term rentals are required to obtain a "tourist rooming house" license fron the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Such a license is required for vacation homes, cabins and cottages that are rented out for more than 10 nights in a 12 month period.

The short term rental law requires owners of short term rentals and lodging marketplaces (Airbnb & VRBO) with a nexus in Wisconsin to collect state sales and use tax and any room tax owed from the person renting the residential dwelling.

PLEASE NOTE: Cardboard larger than 3' X 4' is NOT ACCEPTED at the transfer station as it causes the compactor to jam. Please ensure cardboard boxes are flattened.

Please note new phone number for the Town Shop 715-477-2024.

Oak Wilt, a 100% fatal disease of oak trees, has been confirmed at five locations in the Town of Washington. To read more about it click here.

Do you need to dispose of old computer equipment or appliances? Recycling vouchers are still available. Voucher is limited to a maximum of $15. Contact the Town Clerk here to get your voucher.

HELP WANTED: The Town of Washington is hoping to reinstitute the Adopt A Road program. We are looking for someone to coordinate the program and for volunteers. If interested in volunteering for either position, contact Carole here or call 715-479-6873. We'd greatly appreciate the help.