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NOTICE: NOTICE: Town electors meeting December 2, 2019 click here.

NOTICE: NOTICE: Budget hearing December 2, 2019 click here.

NOTICE: New or updated ordinances click here.

PLEASE NOTE: The brush site will close for the winter on November 15, 2019.

REMINDER: Short term rentals require a minimum rental of 7 nights. You are not allowed to rent for less than 7 days. It is the property owners responsibility to pay the room/accommodation. Airbnb and VRBO do not collect and pay the room/accommodation tax.

TRANSFER STATION UPDATE: Animal carcasses/hides are no longer accepted at the transfer station.

AQUATIC WEED DISPOSAL: If you remove aquatic weeds from your shoreline (including aquatic invasive species), they can be brought to the brush site for disposal in the compost pile.Do not bring them to the transfer station.

PLEASE NOTE: Cardboard larger than 3' X 4' is NOT ACCEPTED at the transfer station as it causes the compactor to jam. Please ensure cardboard boxes are flattened.

The Brush Site is OPEN. It’s free to our Town residents and open 24/7. It’s located on Rangeline Road directly across from the entrance to the Transfer Station, by the Smokey Bear sign.

Please note, the driving surface is not maintained and may be soft and muddy when wet.

You can bring grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, sawdust, branches, brush, limbs, and logs. In fact, any kind of clean wood. NO MAN-MADE OBJECTS.

NO painted or varnished wood, concrete, stones or brick, plastic, metal, or nails are allowed. NO STUMPS.

Please place plastic bags in container provided.

This is a service to our residents and NO contractor dumping is permitted! If you hire a contractor, they should dispose of brush at their customary disposal site, NOT the town brush site.

There have been instances of abuse at the site. Contractors have used the site, old tires and plastic bags filled with yard waste have been left. Abuse will not be tolerated. The actions of a few could ruin it for many.

The compost bins have been constructed. When ready, compost will be available free to our town residents.

Please note new phone number for the Town Shop 715-477-2024.

The 2018 Town of Washington newsletter is available here.

Oak Wilt, a 100% fatal disease of oak trees, has been confirmed at five locations in the Town of Washington. To read more about it click here.

Do you need to dispose of old computer equipment or appliances? Recycling vouchers are still available. Voucher is limited to a maximum of $15. Contact the Town Clerk here to get your voucher.

CODE OF ORDINANCES: The Town of Washington has adopted a Code of Ordinances. To view ordinances click here.

HELP WANTED: The Town of Washington is hoping to reinstitute the Adopt A Road program. We are looking for someone to coordinate the program and for volunteers. If interested in volunteering for either position, contact Carole here or call 715-479-6873. We'd greatly appreciate the help.

To read the Town of Washington Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) click here.