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NOTICE CWPP meeting: Click Here.

We will be developing a webpage dedicated to the Town of Washington Comprehensive Land Use Plan in the near future. In the interim, items related to the plan will be posted here. Meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the Agenda page.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan dated August, 2001: Click Here

Large Public Ownership Map: Click Here
Existing Land Use Map: Click Here
Future Land Use Map: Click Here


The sledding hill is now open. It's located on Rangeline Rd at the Transfer Station, with the driveway just to the left as you enter. Benches are present, and there is adequate parking for approximately 20 vehicles. Please use caution when sledding as the hill may be icy. The sledding hill can be enjoyed by everyone - not only Town of Washington residents.

The 2018 Town of Washington newsletter is available here.


Oak Wilt, a 100% fatal disease of oak trees, has been confirmed at five locations in the Town of Washington. To read more about it click here.

Do you need to dispose of old computer equipment or appliances? Recycling vouchers are still available. Voucher is limited to a maximum of $15. Contact the Town Clerk here to get your voucher.

The Brush Collection site is now closed. It will reopen in spring. Notice of spring opening will be given on this website.

CODE OF ORDINANCES: The Town of Washington has adopted a Code of Ordinances. To view ordinances click here.

HELP WANTED: The Town of Washington is reinstituting the Adopt A Road program. If interested in volunteering for this program, contact Carole here or call 715-479-6873. We'd greatly appreciate the help.

Please note the start time for the Town of Washington Board of Supervisors meetings is 5:15PM. Residents of the Town and interested citizens are welcome to meet with board members at 5:00PM to discuss issues and opportunities concerning the town. A quorum of the board may be present, but no action will be taken.

To read the Town of Washington Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) click here.