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NOTICE OF QUORUM: Newsletter Meeting Click Here


HELP WANTED: The Town of Washington is looking for a volunteer to reorganize and oversee the Adopt A Road program. If interested contact Carole here or call 715-479-6873. We'd greatly appreciate the help.

The brush dump will remain OPEN until further notice. Bring your yard waste, grass clippings, leaves etc. for disposal. NO stumps allowed. The brush dump is located on the west side of Rangeline Rd directly across from the entrance to the Town Transfer Station.

The brush dump is for Town of Washington residents only. It is not intended for contractor use.

Please note the new start time for the Town of Washington Board of Supervisors meetings is 5:15PM. Residents of the Town and interested citizens are welcome to meet with board members at 5:00PM to discuss issues and opportunities concerning the town. A quorum of the board may be present, but no action will be taken.

To read the Town of Washington Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) click here.

Budget resolution 2017-2 click here.

The 2016 Town of Washington newsletter is available here.

The Town of Washington ATV/UTV routes are now OPEN! All designated routes have been marked. Please travel only on ATV/UTV posted routes. Rules governing the use of ATV/UTV can be found here. Local law enforcement will enforce the operation of ATV/UTV in the Town . Please obey the laws and RIDE SAFE!

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Washington Board of Supervisors enacted Ordinance 2016-1 on May 2, 2016, at a duly noticed Town of Washington Board meeting. A summary of this enactment is as follows:

  1. NUMBER AN TITLE OF THE ORDINANCE: Ordinance No. 2016-1, All-Terrain Vehicle Route, Town of Washington, Vilas County
  2. DATE OF ENACTMENT: May 2, 2016
  3. SUMMARY OF THE SUBJECT MATTER AND MAIN POINTS OF THE ORDINANCE: Ordinance 2016-1 was established to design All-Terrain (ATV)/ Utility Terrain (UTV) vehicle routes and regulations of the operation of All-Terrain vehicles on all Town of Washington roads.
  4. The full text of this ordinance may be obtained by clicking here or by contacting the Town of Washington Clerk at 715-479-1669.